Project Description


FLUX_9 applied horizontally is the best solution to illuminate undirectly, while keeping the the light source hidden, and thanks to its inclination, the light is directed  toward the kitchen top, and also on the living shelves.

Consisting of a co-extruded opal polycarbonate with sections in different colors, which makes the visible edge, FLUX_9 is simple, essential and elegant, and remain perfectly flush with the panel without prevaling on the furniture.

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Design: Ital Pek s.r.l.
Profile: polycarbonate co-extruded with an opal part and a coloured part: opal/black – opal/dark-brown
Length: from 300 mm up to 3000 – custom length on request
Fastening:  flush recessed
Cable length: each lighting unit is provided with a 300mm cable with connector
and a 2800 mm extension cable to the power supply
Light features: uniform seamless light, without interruptions
LED light temperature: warm white_3000 K +/- 200 K – natural white_4000 K +/- 200 K – dual color 3000/4000 K +/- 200 K
Cromaticity index: CRI>80 standard
Power supply: 24V DC
Photobiological safety: RG (risk group) 0
Conformity: CE –  UL

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