Project Description


GLASS_8 is a versatile and complete lamp.
The extruded profile with coloured and opaline areas spreads the light in three directions: high, low and transversely in the thickness of the glass shelf.

This makes it possible to illuminate both the back of the compartment with a soft suffused effect and to illuminate in depth the glass shelf of cupboards, display cases and bookcases without visible LED points.

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Design: Ital Pek s.r.l.
Profilo: polycarbonate available in opal/white – opal/black – opal/dark brown
Diffusore: polycarbonate
Lunghezze: any custom-made length upon MOQ request
Fissaggio: inserted into the glass thickness
Lunghezza cavo: each lighting unit is provided with a 300mm cable with connector and a 2800mm extension cable
Light features: light directions: upwards/downwards/forwards
LED light temperatures: warm white 3000 K +/- 200 K – natural white_4000 K +/- 200 K –  dual color 3000/4000 K
Cromaticity index: CRI>80 standard
Power supply: 24V DC
Photobiological safety: RG (risk group) 0
Conformity: CE –  UL

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