Project Description


MICRO_9x45° placed vertical on the wardrobe and tall units side, is recessed 45° oblique, fush panel and fits on its whole directing the light only internally.

Becomes imperceptible and lights without glare. It’s minimun sizes and its unique design makes it unmistakable.

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Design: Ital Pek s.r.l.
Light unit: co-extruded opal or colored polycarbonate
Length: from 300 mm up to 3000 mm – custom length on request
Fastening: perpendicularly recessed or push fit oblique at 45° and/or with some glue drops
Cable length: each lighting unit is provided with a 300mm cable with connector
and a 2800 mm extension cable to the power supply
Light features: uniform seamless light, without visible LED dots
LED light temperature: warm white_3000 K +/- 200 K
natural white_4000 K +/- 200 K
dual color 3000/4000 K +/- 200 K
Cromaticity index: CRI>80 standard
Power supply: 24V DC
Photobiological safety: RG (risk group) 0
Conformity: CE –  UL

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