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ORBITA is a totally innovative system arising from the market demand for a recessed lamp which allows the light source to be replaced without dismantling the profile or the unit.

It consists of a fixed section in anodised aluminium, and a movable section in polycarbonate which houses the LED lighting system. The latter can rotate inside its casing by about 30°, allowing the light to be directed to avoid glare.

Thanks to its flexibility, the light source can be replaced in three simple steps without the need to remove the aluminium profile.

The integrated LASER sensor – only for the wood sash – is placed at the tubolar edges and takes off just 40 mm of light at the illumination system.

The easy connection, made with only one cable and without additional woodworking of the top panel, simplify the installation for a sober and elegant final result.

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Design: Ital Pek s.r.l.
Profile: matt anodised aluminium with silver finish
Diffuser: co-extruded polycarbonate with a traslucent section and an opal section
Length: from 413 mm up to 1163 mm – custom length on request
Fastening: some glue drops
Cable length: each lighting unit is provided with a 300mm cable with connector
and a 2800 mm extension cable to the power supply
Light features: uniform seamless light, without LED dots
LED light temperature: warm white_3000 K +/- 200 K [ W ] natural white_4000 K +/- 200 K [ N ]
Cromaticity: CRI>90
Standard “3-Step MacAdam ellipses”
Power supply: 24V DC
Photobiological safety: RG (risk group) 0
Conformity: CE –  UL

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